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Jay Physiotherapy Clinic was established at Theni, Tamilnadu, India in 2014 to provide quality and premium Physiotherapy services and care to the community. We with our expertise are focused to provide the latest and advanced treatment services to improve general well being of the society.


It is a private practice concern in the heart of Theni town, providing friendly yet professional hands on treatment. Since 2014, we have been treating patients with the highest standard of care and commitment to excellence. Get in touch with a member of our staff to feel the Jay Physiotherapy difference.

Doctor Diagnosis

Our Vision

To be the preferred choice and leader in providing physical treatment and rehabilitation services in best quality and to build a healthy society.

Our Mission

  • To be the best Physiotherapy service provider.

  • To provide exceptional patient care and personal value.

  • To provide a quality integrated health network, linking with medical and other health care providers.

  • To provide health education and support to the community, corporate and sporting clubs.

Medical Team

The Difference

Alternative to Surgery: 
Physiotherapy can be used to treat various conditions that are often sent for surgery instead. This reduces the medical cost as well as risks that are often involved with surgery, especially for older patients.

Hands-on Approach: 
We believe in using our hands and exercise along with the use of equipment for treatment to get the best results. We are skilled and highly knowledgeable in the latest hands-on techniques to make you feel your best.

Doctor High Five

What makes us Unique

Individualized Treatment Plan: 
Each patient coming in for treatment is unique. As such, when you come in, you will have your own treatment plan set by you and us to make sure you achieve your goals to get what you want out of Physiotherapy.

One-on-One Session: 
At Jay Physiotherapy Clinic, we provide you the undivided attention of a Physiotherapist who will spend your session treating and guiding you through every step. You may also ask any question regarding your condition or treatment and we will help you to understand them as well as the options that are available to you.

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