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Slimming - Body Sculpting

The Healthy Tomorrow


The physical appearance means a lot to anyone as it directly motivates/depresses them. Everyone wants to maintain their appropriate anthropomorphic statistics with regardless to their food, physical activity, lifestyle etc., A certain amount of fat is required by the human body to provide insulation, cushioning, and energy, which is needed to perform many of its essential functions. But, excess fat is something you want to steer clear of. When your fat cells accumulate faster than they are burned, they start forming pockets of excess fat in your body. Eventually, it starts to stick together and becomes difficult to break apart. 

​Maintaining a healthy body weight is crucial to enjoying good health. For some people, their body gets into the desired shape once they shed some kilograms, follow the right exercise routine, and take proper kind of nutrition. But, that is not the case with every weight loss story. Both men and women face disfiguration issues. Women are commonly affected due to their physical and physiological changes that occurs at multiple phases of life.

​Now whether you are an aspirant to step into the glamour world or simply require a figure correction, we have a solution for you.  On the first hand, we at Jay Physiotherapy Clinic advise to get slimmer and sculpt your body through physical exercises, as it is the healthy means without any side effects. We can evaluate, design and educate you about an effective workout plan according to your age, muscle endurance, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance, body composition etc., 

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